TYou speak of Multiplying.  It can learn easier than you think. Everything is a matter of knowing them, repeating them and memorizing them and they will remain with you for the rest of your life. Go for it!

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La Multiplication table it is something that you will use many times throughout your life. You will never forget if you learn from a young age. If we constantly repeat each of the tables, in a very few hours you will be able to verify that you already master all the numbers to multiply.

Are you learning the tables? We recommend our article: how to learn multiplication tables. Remember multiplication tables from 1 to 10 they are essential in mathematics. If you do not master them quickly, you will have problems in the future when it comes to doing simple calculations. But don't panic! We assure you that it is easier than you think. As an example, it is interesting that you understand that 3 x 4 are 12. This means that 3 is repeated 4 times, we could also say that 4 is repeated 3 times, it is the same.

Although it is interesting understand how multiplication worksIn your personal life, it will be your memory that will recite the result of each multiplication instantly.

Multiplication tables from 1 to 10

HR multiplication tables are essential, throughout our lives we are going to find situations where we must know and master them with great ease. The most common situations where we can find them could be:

<br>• Having to buy 10 tickets for an event for your whole family and you need to quickly know the price of all. One possibility would be to add all the inputs one by one, and another possibility would be to use la 1 table0 that would give us the solution instantly.

<br>• Another situation could be knowing how much gasoline are we going to need to get to a place, if we know what our car spends every 5 kilometers. In this case we could use la 5 table as the best option.

<br>• Know how many objects are in many boxes if we know how many units are in each one of them.

<br>• Know the full price of a batch of objects if we know how much one is worth.

<br>• Know the price of a dozen eggs if we know what one of them is worth.

<br>• If you have a company and you have 2000 workers where all are going to receive the same salary, then a simple multiplication could help you to know how much money you should pay to all your workers in your company. They are very common operations.

For all this and more it is important to know perfectly the multiplication tableAlso, it is good to know the benefits of studying the multiplication table. As we can see, the situations where we are going to need a multiplication table are very common and also varied, and that is why mastering them and knowing them in depth are almost an obligation in our lives.

What are multiplication tables?

The invention of multiplication tables is attributed to the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. With enormous intelligence, he managed to visualize these mathematical operations, although it was later the Pythagorean school who perfected them.

The multiplication tables were in their time a real revolution, since thanks to them large mathematical operations could be done without having to add many figures many times.

For many years, all kinds of tables and sequels were devised, some tables were 3 figures from 0 to 999, but they did not have the success of the more basic tables 0 to 10.

In 1642 : Blaise Pascal invented an automatic calculator which was the rubric for these math operations.

The first multiplication table, consisted of a Cartesian table (or Pythagorean table ) which consisted of joining each box with another.

What benefits did the multiplication table bring?

<br>• Merchants could do their buying and selling operations much faster.

<br>• Economists and tax collectors of the time could now carry out large operations in a short time.

<br>• Inhabitants could perform more complex operations that previously took a long time.

As we can see, mathematics and specifically the multiplication tables, in the beginning they already began to produce their first benefits to society. At that time, having such useful tools was a real gift that science brought them. Today, it would be unimaginable to be able to live without multiplication tables, since millions of operations are carried out daily where these tables are necessary.

How to learn the multiplication tables?

You will know them all in 1 hour!. If you wonder how to learn multiplication tables, we have good news, it's very easy with a trick ! The brain has two types of memory: short and long term, this trick will allow you to learn them very quickly and will last you forever. We are going to follow these steps that will make the tables very simple.

<br>• First step. Let's take for example the 7 times table. And we are going to read it all once. Don't worry if you don't memorize it all, at first this is normal, let's just read it.


<br>• Second step. We are going to cover all the solutions with a piece of paper, without covering the multiplications, we just cover the solutions like this:


<br>• Third step. We are going to start at the beginning and we are going to try to know how much 7 × 1 is, we say the result out loud and lower the paper to check it, if you have got it right, continue with the next 7 × 2 multiplication, if you have failed you must cover all solutions and return to start.


<br>• Fourth step. If you hit 7 × 2, then continue lowering the paper one by one until the end, if you miss you must cover all of them again and start from the beginning. And so with all the tables.

This system uses your memory to increase attention. In this way, your brain will do its best to know the multiplication table so that it does not have to start from the beginning with each table. That is why this system is one of the ones that we consider most effective. At the same time we will be repeating the tables over and over again, so the study will be much more complete.

Long-term memory is one of the most effective. What this exercise produces is that your brain is very attentive, because it knows that if you fail you will have to go back to the beginning again. This you have to do with the 10 multiplication tables, and repeating the method over and over again We guarantee that in 1 hour you will know all of them!

The 1 Table

The 2 Table

The 3 Table

The 4 Table

The 5 Table

The 6 Table

The 7 Table

The 8 Table


The 9 Table


The 10 Table


Interesting details about multiplication tables :

<br>• Multiplication tables are simple math operations which consist of adding a number so many times, for example 7 × 3 = 21 (this means 7 + 7 + 7 = 21). They are very simple operations but at the same time they are very important for life, since you will use them a lot.

<br>• The importance of knowing the multiplication tables is vital, some examples of use would be: if a lemon is worth 5 dollars and I buy 4 lemons, then how much will all cost me? With a mathematical operation 5 x 4 = 20, we know that 5 dollars x 4 lemons is 20 dollars. You will perform this mathematical operation thousands of times throughout your life.

<br>• We must master them perfectly. It is important to know them very well to be able to have the solution of each multiplication instantly, this will allow us to save a lot of time with related calculations.

<br>• There are many tricks to know the multiplication tables, we recommend the article how to learn multiplication tables, but we also explain some details, for example: if we know how much 3 × 4 = 12 is, we will also know how much 4 × 3 = 12 is, remember that the order does not affect the solution, in this way 7 × 3 = 21 and 3 × 7 = 21. This trick will help you to use it in many operations.

<br>• The best and most effective way to learn multiplication tables, consists of repeating each table over and over again, this will make you remember them easily and for a lifetime.

Now that you know the tables, the time has come to learn them for life, on this website we offer you memory tricks that will help you never forget them and have a quick response every time you need them.

Remember consistency is the key to success, although they may seem difficult, multiplication tables require very little time to learn forever, it is only a matter of repeating and repeating each one of them, we are sure that in one afternoon you will be able to achieve the goal of having them engraved in your memory for a lifetime.