If you are looking for the best miraculous prayer because you need to make a very important prayer to the Lord, or because you simply want to thank him for the infinite blessings that he grants you daily, you have come to the right place.


Come to my side, Creative Spirit, and visit the soul of your faithful servant in these difficult moments.

The Miraculous Prayer

La miraculous prayer It is the one that takes place in the most difficult moments, where our forces do not give more and our negativity overflows, that is why we resort to these prayers, to ask the Lord for strength, placing all our faith and hope in him.

God's mercy always goes to all devout people who raise their prayers to the Almighty Lord. It does not matter the situation in which we find ourselves, since with his mantle, he covers all our praises. The miraculous prayers They are addressed directly to the Lord or to a specific saint, so that he can intercede for us, that he gives us the strength to continue fighting.

Although the main prayers are directed to the Creator, in this article you can also find miraculous prayers that are directed to the saints and virgins, so we can take advantage of all his mercy and generosity. It is extremely important that we bear in mind that reciting a prayer is not only about pronouncing it, but about feeling it and expressing it with our whole being, for this it is necessary to demonstrate all our faith and hope, expressing all your wishes and requests to God.

The best prayer, the one that really makes one miraculous prayer or powerful, is one that is done with true humility and absolute dedication. It is not about belittling yourself or treating yourself badly, none of that, it is about opening your feelings to the Lord, accepting your will, without worrying or repressing yourself. When you do this, you are affirming that the Eternal Father has the best plans for your life for you. Ask him to do his will and not yours, then you can express all your wishes to him.

When making a miraculous prayer You must grant all your worries and uncertainties to the Lord, as well as your faith, to put yourself in the Lord's hands and have His will done. God will guide you on the path that He has laid out for you, but for this you must listen to your inner desires and find God's mercy in your whole being. Seek that your mind gives way to the desires of your heart and you can create a kind of plan to go according to that divine message.

Recite a miraculous prayer

As we already know, we can pray directly to the Almighty Lord, as we can also pray to specific saints to grant us the desired miracle. Below we will show some prayers to God and the saints. You may also like: Prayer to Saint Jude Thaddeus for work

Miraculous prayer to God

'' Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth; You who have given us the gift of life and have filled us with the happiness of being able to praise You; that you show us your infinite mercy.

Today I come before you, Eternal Father, in order to ask for your benevolence and love: I ask you not to allow anything to harm me, me or my family. Guide us and have mercy on us. Amen. ''

Miraculous prayer to get closer and closer to God

`` Lord, today I am here, before your Holy presence, adoring and glorifying you. I bow down to you Father, acknowledging you as my light and salvation. I love you and fully trust you. You who are always by my side and who never leave me, who in the moments that I fall always take my hand to get up.

Today I tell you that I am nothing without you my Lord God, because all I have is because you have given it to me. With your infinite love I can do everything, allow me to move towards you and erase any impediment from my path. I wish that your love remains within my heart.

Praised are you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Come to me, help me to be an example of devotion to my friends and family, may my word be your word and your will be mine. With you I can be strong, I have peace and nothing scares me. Amen ''


The Lord's mercy is always present to help all those faithful who opportunely raise their prayers in his name.

Miraculous prayer to ask God for the healing of a family member

`` Lord Almighty Father, you who observe me with compassionate eyes, who in your hands can place our concerns, desires and hopes with infinite trust.

You, Creator of the universe, repairer of lost and misguided hearts. Today I ask you to restore the health of my precious family member, to save him from the terrible evil that afflicts him.

Be a source of healing, flood his spirit and restore health to this humble servant in need. I ask this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. ''

Miraculous healing prayer

'' Today I invoke Saint Anthony of Padua; to you Most Holy Virgin Mary; I invoke your merciful presence Jesus Christ, so that they may intercede for me before God the Almighty Father.

Today I ask you to help me in this moment of torment, since I am not in good health at all, I need your help to be able to get up and be victorious from this suffering.

I, who throughout my life have faithfully demonstrated my devotion, today I implore you with the greatest hope to help me in these hours of decay. I know that with your help I will be able to regain my strength. Amen''

Urgent cases, prayer to Saint Rita

'' Oh Saint Rita! Today I come to you, so that you may grant me your immaculate presence. Today my heart is disconsolate and in great despair.

I come to you because I know that through you I can calm my soul. To you dear lady, you who know of sorrows, this time I give you my problems and all my love.

So that you can grant me the solution to the problems that overwhelm me so much. To you daughter of the Lord, I give you my pains to illuminate my path. Amen. ''

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