Love poems for my wife
When we want to show love to our beloved wife, we give her a flower, a kiss, a few words of love, something that makes her feel loved. With some of these poems there is no mistake, you will love them.

The day i met you
It was a wonderful thing
At the moment I understood
That you were going to be my wife.

And I said to myself
I have to cut that rose ...
All along I have adored you
Not only on time.

Well, you are well done
It has given me luck by your side,
And I have always cultivated you
Like a flat in flora.

I dedicate these poems to you
On this memorable day
In the hardest moments
Our love has been stable.

If we have had problems
More we have come out well of them;
It has never weighed me
To have been your husband,

And I believe that on the road
I have been well reciprocated;
We have also progressed
In what little we have acquired.

I want to recommend you
Let not one give in to anger ...
May god allow us to love each other
For the time we have left.

I want to caress you more
Than to the gold of a coin
Love is the greatest
That exists in everything the world.

And I want God to send us
Let us do it deeper;
Of our children the temple
You went to bring them in your womb.

I contemplate you with love ...
I've seen winters go by
I wish the time
It was a little more enjoyable for you;

For me you are the rose
That I perfume my existence,
That's why my beloved wife
I don't want to see you suffer.

You are good and loving
I want to see you smile.
I end with emotion
This sincere monologue.

For you is my heart
Because I really love you
Because you are my passion
I will take good care of you.
your husband

Love poems for my wife

My dear, dream love,
woman with all the letters.

Of all the beautiful women
of all the beautiful women,
God granted me bliss
to place myself by your side.

I dreamed of you, without knowing you,
I never lost hope
Love appeared,
scaring away my ghosts.

Every day of my life that you have been with me
It has been wonderful, a gift for me.

This love that gives me life
this love that fascinates me,
it's you dear love,
it's you my dear

Poem for my wife

You are the most beautiful
that I have had in my dreams
since I was very little
I have wanted to be your owner

This poetry I write to you
my darling goes with her
this life I can't conceive
I love you since I was a child

I ask you to be my wife
Well I love you woman
you are the most beautiful
today I give you my love.

Love poems for my girlfriend or wife

Because I love you

Don't ask me why I love you

If you really want to know ...

I just know that I love you,

because it is beautiful to want ...

Although if I think about how beautiful

What was it like to have met you

And even more, in that kiss,

As brief as it is hidden,

Maybe i can answer you

two things at the same time ...

I love you for your skill

To join your dreams

And for your fresh boldness,

Having stolen a kiss ...

But you keep asking

And I must answer:

I love you because I love you! ...

… Does one more thing matter?

My treasure

Do you know? ... I adore the morning, when I think about the night

And I see a treasure ...

Human-sized treasure that has it all

What I like ...

Contains silver and gold fibers, which always float

About the treasure! ...

Fibers that turn my body bronze and cover it,

Of a thousand glares ...

Then, it contains two green pearls that, to my pupils,

They give green shine ...

And two ornaments, warm foundations, on each side of this jewelry box,

they make my soul such a fine jewel that, when they rest on me,

I integrate quickly ... full body!

And I, embodied in such a foundation, I am adhering

To the uncertain chest

That my blood has taken over!

So then ... the night I long for.

I want to be a prisoner in your captivity ...

I dream to shine with your light, beloved,

And finally, know me as a sapphire,

when when you give me your first kiss,

You are loving me with your eyes! ...

What is love

Love is to love the defeated hope

In the idealized glow of a pain ...

Love is loving the magic pimple,

That adheres, without feeling it, to the heart!

Love is loving the first part

Of existence, that we live each sun ...

To love is to always spread your wings

Towards the same course, although without reason ...

To love is to free ourselves from sleep one day

That we all dream to perfection

To love is to surrender to all the rites

Loving without a cause and in the name of God!

Loving I exhaust these five senses,

Because it is in my cause to love without reason ...

I love because I understand that life is life,

Only when you love ... as I do!

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