Long friendship poems
Friendship is walking together on the path of life because the paths are traveled with more energy and more illusions. When we say the magic word "friend" we name the person who illuminates our path, we know that not all lights have the same intensity, but each one of them helps us move through life in a kinder and happier way.

Long friendship poems


It is one of the most beautiful words
and the most heartfelt feelings.
Obey and attend any party
and turns all worries into laughter.

Friendship does not know how to be selfish;
It is not from the present, nor from the past.
In the pure transcendental it makes a nest
and it is unconditional as long as it exists.

It is forgiving, trying to understand.
It is being able to trust by creating a brotherhood.
It is respecting and accepting the other as they are.

It is not to criticize, admire and give in.
Being in joy and adversity.
Is to stay faithful though the world walk backwards.

Author Zoraida Armengol

Some friendships last forever

Sometimes you find in life
a special friendship:
that someone who when entering your life
changes it completely.
That someone who makes you laugh incessantly;
that someone who makes you believe that in the world
there are really good things.
That someone who convinces you
that there is a ready door
for you to open.
That is an eternal friendship.
When you are sad
And the world seems dark and empty
that eternal friendship lifts your spirits
and makes that dark and empty world
suddenly appear bright and full.
Your eternal friendship helps you
in difficult, sad moments,
and of great confusion.
If you walk away
your eternal friendship follows you.
If you lose your way
your eternal friendship guides you and makes you happy.
Your eternal friendship takes you by the hand
and tells you that everything will be fine.
If you find such friendship
you feel happy and full of joy
because you have nothing to worry about.
You have a friendship for life
since an eternal friendship has no end.

Author Pablo Neruda

Friendship like flower

Friendship is like a rose.
Its color is so beautiful,
its texture so delicate,
and her perfume so persistent,
that if you don't take care of her ...
It withers.

Author Anonymous

Talking about friendship and love

To say love is to release your breath and let out a deep sigh.
Saying friendship is like opening the door and letting in a soft and deep feeling.
To say love is to make pain sweet and sacrifice dear.
To say friendship is to warm the understanding and quality of the company.
To say love is to find the compendium of all the desires of life.
To say friendship is to find the mantle of tenderness, comfort and peace.

Author: Zenaida Bacardi from Argamasilla


Friendship is the same as a hand
that in another hand supports his fatigue
and feel that the fatigue is mitigated
and the way becomes more humane.

The sincere friend is the brother
clear and elemental like the spike,
like bread, like sun, like the ant
that mistakes honey for summer.

Great wealth, sweet company
is that of the being that arrives with the day
and brightens our inner nights.

Source of coexistence, of tenderness,
is the friendship that grows and matures
in the midst of joys and pains.

Author Carlos Castro Saavedra

To my friends

I owe my friends the tenderness
and the words of encouragement and hug,
sharing the invoice with all of them
that presents us with life step by step.
I owe my friends my patience
to tolerate my sharpest thorns,
outbursts of humor, negligence
vanities, fears and doubts.
A fragile paper ship
sometimes it seems friendship,
but it can never with him
the most violent storm.
Because that paper boat
has clung to his helm,
by captain and helmsman.
a heart!
I owe my friends some anger
that would inadvertently disturb our harmony,
we all know that it cannot be sin
to ever argue over nonsense.
I will bequeath to my friends when I die
my devotion on a guitar chord,
and among the forgotten verses of a poem
my poor incorrigible cicada soul.
My friend if this couplet like the wind
wherever you want to listen to it, it claims you,
you will be plural because the feeling demands it
when friends are in the soul.

Author Alberto Cortez


I want you to understand me without words.
Without words to speak to you, the same as my people speak.
That you understood me without words
as I understand the sea or the breeze tangled in a green poplar.
You ask me, friend, and I don't know what answer I have to give you,
A long time ago I learned profound reasons that you do not understand.
I would like to reveal them, putting the invisible sun in my eyes,
the passion with which the earth gilds its hot fruits.
You ask me, friend, and I don't know what answer to give you.
I feel a crazy joy burning in the light that surrounds me.
I would like you to feel it also flooding your soul,
I would like you, in the deepest part, to burn and hurt you too.
Creature also of joy I would like you to be,
creature that finally comes to conquer sadness and death.
If now I told you that you had to walk through lost cities
and cry in its dark streets feeling weak,
and sing your dark dreams under a summer tree,
and feel made of air and cloud and very green grass ...
If now I told you
that is your life that rock on which the wave breaks,
the flower itself that vibrates and fills with blue under the clear northeast,
that man who goes through the night field carrying a torch,
that child who lashes the sea with his innocent hand ...
If I told you these things, friend
What fire would I put in my mouth, what burning iron,
what smells, colors, tastes, contacts, sounds?
And how do you know if you understand me?
How to enter your soul breaking its ice?
How to make you feel death forever defeated?
How to delve into your winter, carry your night Moon,
to put the celestial fire in your dark sadness?
No words, friend; It had to be without words how you understood me.

Author Jose Hierro

Friendship gazelle

Friendship is a flurry of luminous fish,
and drags you
towards a happy ocean of butterflies.

Friendship is a wail of bells
that invoke the scent of bodies
in a dawn garden of heliotropes.

Author Carmen Diaz Margarit


Friend, take what you want,
your gaze penetrates the corners
and if you wish, I give you my whole soul
with its white avenues and its songs.
Friend -with the afternoon make it go away
this useless old desire to win.

Drink from my pitcher if you are thirsty.
Friend -with the afternoon make it go away
this wish of mine that the whole rosebush
belongs to me -,
Friend if you are hungry eat my bread.
Everything, friend, I have done for you.

All this that without looking you will see in my naked room:
all this that rises up the right walls
-like my heart- always looking for height.
You smile at yourself friend. Does matters!

No one knows how to deliver
what is hidden inside,
but I give you my soul, amphora of soft honeys,
and I give it all to you.
Except that one I remember.
That in my inheritance that lost love empties,
it is a white rose, which opens in silence.

Author Pablo Neruda

The friends

In tobacco, in coffee, in wine,
at the edge of the night they rise
like those voices that sing in the distance
without knowing what, along the way.

Lightly brothers of destiny,
Dioscuri, pale shadows, they scare me
the flies of habits, they hold me
to stay afloat amidst the whirlwind.

The dead speak more but in the ear,
and the living are warm hand and roof,
sum of what was gained and what was lost.

So one day in the shadow boat,
from so much absence my chest will shelter
this ancient tenderness that names them.

Author Julio Cortazar

Say friend

that is games,
school, street and childhood.
Imprisoned sparrows
of the same wind
after a woman's scent.

Say friend
that is wine,
guitar, drink and song
whores and fights.
And in Los Tres Pinos
a girlfriend for both of us.

Say friend
brings me from the neighborhood
sunday light
and leave on the lips
like mistela
and custard with cinnamon.

Say friend
that is, classroom,
laboratory and janitor.
Billiards and cinema.
Siesta in Las Ramblas
and German with carnation.

Say friend
ie store,
boots, charnaque and rifle.
And the Sundays,
to fight females
between Salou and Cambrils.

Say friend
it doesn't get strange
when you have
twenty year thirst
and few "pelas".
And the soul without midsoles.

Say friend
that is to say far
and before it was saying goodbye.
And yesterday and always
yours ours
and mine of both.

Say friend
I figure that
say friend
that is tenderness.
God and my song
They know who I name so much.

Author Joan Manuel Serrat

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