Empowerment What is it? How is it formed? and much more

If you still can't understand what empowerment is and how you can use it; then you are in luck, since here we are going to explain everything you need to know about it; Surely when you finish reading, the topic will be much clearer to you. What is empowerment? First, it is important to note that the term... READ MORE

Isosceles Triangle: What is it? classification and more 

You have never wondered what shape the isosceles triangle has; here we will explain everything you need to know about it, at the end the concepts will be clearer. Isosceles triangle This geometric figure is one of the most balanced that exist, it has two equal sides and one different. No matter how inclined... READ MORE

Main geometric figures and their names

The geometric figures represent the existing graphic forms in the algebraic, mathematical and arithmetic procedures, with them you can make designs, draw thousands of shapes, since they are made up of various types of lines, which we will show you all their specifications. Geometric figures Geometric figures are all those curved, broken, mixed lines that serve to… READ MORE

Who is Pythagoras and what are his contributions? 

  Would you like to know who Pythagoras is? We know that you have heard of him in many conversations, but you have no idea who he is. Well, today we bring you everything related to this famous Greek thinker, don't miss it. Who is Pythagoras? Called Pythagoras of Samos, he was a great Greek philosopher and mathematician, founder… READ MORE

Multiplication Tables 1 to 10: Great Tool

Have you had problems with the multiplication tables from 1 to 10? Well, don't worry; today we bring you some recommendations and tricks so you can learn step by step and once you finish understanding them, don't miss it. The multiplication tables from 1 to 10 When we started our first studies… READ MORE

Infinity: what is it? what is its meaning? uses and more 

Have you ever wondered what is infinity? Today you will have the opportunity to decipher everything related to this very interesting topic that has had many people in the head, do not miss it. Infinity It is a term to indicate that there is no end, there is no limit, there is eternity and many things exist… READ MORE

Rounding of natural numbers: what does it consist of?

Would you like to know what it is and how to round off natural numbers? If you have never heard of it; today we are going to tell you how this interesting operation is carried out, stay and do not miss it. Rounding natural numbers When I talk about rounding natural numbers we are saying that we are going to reduce their number... READ MORE

Addition with decimal point: how should it be ordered? 

If you have had problems solving the sum with a decimal point, today we are going to tell you how to do it in a simple way, without so much complication and with easy processes; Cheer up and don't miss this article. Addition with a decimal point The addition and subtraction with a decimal point is one of the mathematical operations where some… READ MORE

Mathematical Symbols: What are they? When to use them?

You have probably wondered what are mathematical symbols, and how are they used. If so, then you have come to the right place, because here we will explain everything you need to know so that you know when to use these important emblems. Join us! Mathematical symbols Mathematics is extensive and, moreover, fascinating. … READ MORE

Decimals: What are they? place value and much more

Decimal values ​​in a number subdivide the result of an undefined value; It consists of a finite representation. It is inscribed in the numbering system so it is considered a rational number. These numbers are used to define more exact figures or when there is no accuracy in a value or result. Decimals … READ MORE

Distributive Property: What is it and how to apply it?

Surely you have wondered what the distributive property is and how it can be applied. If so, then you have come to the right article, because here we will explain in a very simple way the entire procedure of this fun mathematical operation. Join us! The distributive property It is normal to have doubts about what is the distributive property?. So … READ MORE

Associative Property: What is it and when is it applied?

If you have doubts about what the associative property is and how it is applied, then this article is for you. We will explain everything you need to know so that you can carry out your associative operations in a simple way. It will be fun! Associative Property What is it? You will have remembered when in elementary school, we talked about commutative and associative property; well, … READ MORE

How to use the scaler the right way?

Once it happened to me that, being in a technical drawing class, I did not know how to use the 1:50 scale, and it was impossible for me to do my work correctly; To prevent this from happening to you, here we are going to explain everything you need to know about the scale and its use. How to use the scale? … READ MORE

What is a circumference? Know its properties

It is not surprising that when we begin to delve into the terms of geometry, we ask ourselves: What is a circumference? And what are its properties? here today, we will talk at length about this topic, join us. Do you know what a circumference is? Formally speaking, it is possible to define a circle as the closed line of... READ MORE

What is the diameter? Definition, symbol, utility and more

All of us at some point in our lives have asked ourselves what is the diameter of a circle, and the answer is really very simple; but if you still don't know, stay here, we're going to explain it to you very easily. What is the diameter? Knowing what the diameter is is very easy; This is … READ MORE

How is the protractor used and what is it for?

When talking about incline and degrees it is important to know how the protractor is used. It is a measuring instrument which is used to measure the angles of two straight lines or of a triangle; today we bring you everything related to this interesting measuring instrument used in many areas. How is the transporter used? … READ MORE

Types of triangles: names, characteristics and more

Today we will define everything related to types of triangles. Those figures that for years have determined many functions and activities in humanity, have been the object of studies and today are used to give value and strength to designs, structures and above all, provide elements for knowledge. Types of triangles When we determine these figures… READ MORE

Main basic math operations

The basic operations of mathematics allow to create a support in the knowledge to develop other areas of science. The main mathematical actions in any human activity are considered, hence their importance; Today we will see everything related to them. Basic Operations Basic operations in mathematics are considered to be the four main... READ MORE

Commutative Property: What is it and how to apply it?

If you are already starting to receive exercises on the commutative property, and you don't know what it is and how it is applied. Then you have come to the right article, because here we will explain everything you need to know so that you can easily learn how to perform these mathematical operations. It will be fun! Commutative Property The commutative property is a... READ MORE

What are Roman numerals and what are they used for?

Roman numerals are a numbering system that uses capital letters which serve as a symbol to assign a number or value. They range from the number 1 represented by the capital letter I, to the letter M that determines the value equal to or greater than one thousand. Let's see below everything related to... READ MORE

Fraction to decimal How to achieve the conversion?

In mathematical operations, the conversion from fraction to decimal is one of the most complicated operations when you are beginning to delve into broader procedures, today we bring you the ways in which both figures can be converted. Fraction to Decimal Before we begin to describe the process of converting a fraction to… READ MORE

Greater than: How to differentiate this symbol from others?

Perhaps you have wondered what the meaning of "greater than" is, and how to differentiate it from other mathematical symbols. Well, not knowing how to recognize it is quite normal until we become familiar with them. For this reason, in this interesting and informative article we will explain in detail everything about this representative of inequality. Be … READ MORE

Less than sign: What is it and when should it be used?

Since we are in primary school, we begin to have a relationship with the concept of the minor sign that, and on many occasions, is often confused with another similar sign that denotes the opposite. In this article, we give you the tools so that you know how to differentiate it and put it into practice in your operations… READ MORE

Odd and even numbers: characteristics and more

Even and odd numbers help us identify which of them can be divisible by two or by another number divisible by groups of two. But to learn more about these values, we invite you to continue with us in this article. Even and odd numbers When talking about odd numbers it is indicated... READ MORE

Decomposition of natural and prime numbers

The decomposition of numbers consists of a mathematical operation where the natural or prime number is decomposed using divisions or root operations called polynomials or additives, today we will tell you how it is done. Decomposition of numbers It is a mathematical procedure that allows us to observe the way in which a number can be subdivided or decomposed. For … READ MORE

How to teach numbers easily?

The procedures on how to teach numbers to children are very diverse. We have teaching strategies that can result in some people in a very different way than other people do; Today we tell you how to help children understand numbers. How to teach numbers? When children begin their age… READ MORE

Simplify Fractions: Learn in a Few Steps

Mathematics apart from being useful, can become very fun; but, when we are in the process of learning, we may think the opposite; To make everything easier, today we are going to show you how to simplify fractions. What is simplifying fractions? Before learning how to simplify fractions, we need to know what it is… READ MORE

Divisions: Types, parts, how are they made? and much more

Divisions can turn out to be a bit complicated mathematical operations when we learn; but, the truth is that it is important that we know how to perform them correctly, since we use these operations in everyday life. Therefore, here we are going to explain everything you need to know about them. What is a division? Before learning to do splits,... READ MORE

Natural numbers: what are they? features, and more

Man has always had the need to know the exact number of objects he owns, hence the emergence of what we know today as natural numbers. Actually the concept and use of natural numbers is very simple; but, to clarify things a bit, today we will give an explanation of what the… READ MORE

Units of Measurement: What are they? Where are they used?

If you have been wondering what are the units of measurement?; you are in luck, since today here, we will tell you what they are and what they are for; Do not miss it. What are units of measurement? Measurement units are standardized references that are used to measure some physical magnitude of an object, substance... READ MORE

Multiplication with decimal numbers

Every day, through our daily activities, we have to deal with different forms of bills, such as the price of a snack at school, the price of the bus ticket, that beautiful T-shirt that we saw in the store and that we want to buy, the value of fuel at the gas station, or even… READ MORE

Multiplying and dividing negative numbers

To know how to perform a multiplication and division of negative numbers, it is very important to know the basic rules of signs, this content is presented to high school students and it is very important that the student knows how to carry out these accounts to follow with others. contents. Multiplication or division... READ MORE

Multiplication properties: associative, commutative, elements

Among the operations of mathematical science is multiplication. The action of the multiplying factors represents a large sum of frames. It is very common when we do some calculation or calculation on a daily basis to apply the multiplication properties without realizing it. Ok, but before we get to the properties, let's clear something important: the basic terms of... READ MORE

Multiplication: usual and decomposition algorithm

Multiplication can appear in mathematical operations represented by the sign of time, which can be x, as in 2 x 4, for example, or even 2 * 4, and the point 2. 4) This operation is between the four fundamentals and is used to perform the sum of a finite number of terms... READ MORE

Learning the multiplication table of 9

It is extremely important to have knowledge of the multiplication tables and memorize them, many things will be easier in the study of mathematics. However, the decoration process is not simple for everyone, so some tricks have been developed for those who have difficulty with the 9-fold table. However, … READ MORE

Multiplication table (times): benefits of studying

Studying is always the best way. A mathematics It is one of the disciplines that accompany students beyond the study benches, as it is in everything: business, money, shopping and other small daily tasks. The benefits of studying multiplication tables, for example, are enormous. Professor Rômulo Mussel, graduated in… READ MORE

How to learn multiplication tables

The best way to know the multiplication table is to understand its process. Previously, it was essential to decorate the multiplication table in school, however, today the method of learning the multiplication table has moved from mere repetition to understanding its operation. For this reason, there are now many games and… READ MORE

Matrix multiplication: all matter

Matrix multiplication is the product of two matrices. The number of rows in the matrix is ​​defined by the letter m and the number of columns by letter n. The letter i and j represent the elements present in the rows and columns respectively. A = (aij)mxn Example: A3×3 (matrix A has … READ MORE

How to multiply and divide fractions?

Multiplication and division of fractions are operations that, respectively, simplify the addition of numerators and represent the parts of a whole, that is, of a whole. They can be done using two rules. Let's go to them! It is important to remember that in fractions, the upper term is called the numerator while the lower term is... READ MORE

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