How to recognize a violent relationship. A violent relationship occurs when there is manipulation or assaults to exert control over someone. Therefore, whenever possible, it is good to get out of an abusive relationship and seek help. God does not want you to be mistreated.

Abuse can occur in several types of relationships: between boyfriends, spouses, parents and children, siblings, friends, co-workers … In general, the most serious cases are violent relationships that occur in the home, between family members. The Bible condemns all abuse because betray love.

Relationships serve to give security, affection and love to each one. When a relationship turns violent in any area, the abuser betrays the trust of the abused. Abuse betrays the alliance between people and is a sin.

How to recognize a violent relationship according to the bibleHow to recognize a violent relationship

How to recognize a violent relationship A violent relationship does not follow the rules of love, respect and honesty, which are the foundation of any healthy relationship. You could be in a toxic relationship if the other person follows the following patterns:

  • Te manipulates: You always end up doing what that person wants, even when you explain that you don't want to.
  • Use emotional blackmail: He makes you feel guilty about everything or forces you to do his bidding.
  • Misrepresent the truth: his version does not fit well and he is always the hero or the victim. Never wrong.
  • Humiliates you: yells at you, insults you, says humiliating things about you, in private and / or public.
  • I attacked you: grabs you too hard, hits, kicks, pushes, throws objects at you or against the wall. Any type of physical violence.
  • The abusive person isolates: He does not like you to meet other people or have contact with those you already know.
  • The aggressor intimidates or threatens you: threatens to leave you alone, that no one will love or help you, that without him you will not survive, that he will take everything from you, that he will hurt or kill you, someone you love or that he will commit suicide.
  • Controls you- It seems like you need their approval for everything you do.
  • Forces you to have sex: when you say no, but that person forces you. Is about rape and it's a crime.

If any of these things happen, it is a sign that something is very wrong in the relationship and must change. If you feel confused about the situation, talk to someone else about it. The greater the intimacy, the more confusion a violent relationship causes. The An outsider's look at the problem can be very helpful.

How to resolve a violent relationship according to the Bible

The most important thing is to stop the abuse. God does not want you to live under abuse. An abusive relationship can have very bad consequences for you, such as depression, fear, panic, nervous breakdown, self-hatred, mental illness, physical injury, or even your death or death of a loved one. God doesn't want this for your life! This is the devil's work.

Resolve a violent relationship if it is your partner

If you are  dating a violent person, Break! You should not give explanations. Get out of the relationship now, before things get worse. This is not the right person to marry you. Run away from the situation.

How to resolve a violent relationship if it is between friends

If the toxic relationship occurs with friends, try to cut off relationships. This is not friendship. If it is happening at work, see if the situation can be resolved with leadership and / or look for another job. Even a lower paying job is better than staying in that kind of situation.

If it happens in your marriage

If abuse is happening in your wedding , in less severe cases, you should check if your spouse is willing to change and participate in therapy. In case of aphysical aggression or threat, get out of the house, since this person can hurt you or your children.

Even if it doesn't end in divorce, a separation time can be very important. This will give you time to heal from the abuse and put things in perspective. also him give the aggressor time to realize his mistakes and agree to change his life (but be careful, this may not happen). God wants your good, not your bad. Don't feel like you have to stay with the abuser.

Keep in mind that domestic abuse is a crime, therefore we recommend that you report this situation to the police.

Resolve a violent relationship when you are underage

If you are a youngerTell a responsible adult what is happening. If the abuse occurs at home, talk to a teacher you trust, a police officer, or other authority. You do not owe allegiance to the abuser, this person has no right to do that to you.

In all these situations, don't forget: God is with you. If you are the victim of an abusive relationship, Justice God's on your side. Pray to God and seek help. You can free yourself from abuse, but you don't have to fight alone. God will help you.

This has been it! We hope this article helps you understand how to recognize a violent relationship and how you should act in a Christian way in this situation. If now you want to know how to raise your children according to your Christian beliefs, continue browsing