How to know if it is love or friendship. It is normal to feel confusion when we are in that famous «friend zone«. You ask yourself: How do you know if it's just friendship or something else? Do you want to know if you really are in the friendship zone or if the person you care about also has butterflies in their stomach when they look at you? To be sure, read this article for tips and to discover subtle signs of male interest.

How to know if it is love or friendship through some signs

Know if it is love or friendship through the signs

Know if it is love or friendship through the signs

Of course, each case is different. People react differently and they also behave differently. However, despite this, it is possible identify some signs to understand if there is something else or is it just a nice friendship.

It is important to make it clear that there is no use getting paranoid and thinking that any detail is a signal: chemistry and harmony between you are worth much more than any manual or guide. But anyway, it is always good to point out some points that tend to stand out in all people when they are interested in someone.

1. It tells you everything

Always think: are you the person your friend looks to to talk to when they have problems? Maybe you really are in the friendship zone. When passion is reciprocated, there is a air of mystery and emotion. So if always share absolutely everything that happens in your life with you, he's not making the slightest effort to impress you or create that anticipatory mood. Most likely see you only as a friend.

2. Talk about someone else

When you ask yourself: How do you know if it's just friendship or something else? This is perhaps the clearest sign that someone views you as a friend. If you start talking about being in love with someone else, you are definitely in the friendship zone. The same is true when he asks you for loving advice without even thinking that you might be interested in him.

3. He gives you nicknames

If he's the type that calls you by cute nicknames like "sister or brother", you may not feel that overwhelming passion on your part for the foreseeable future. That does not mean that the boy or girl can never see you with passionate eyes, it is just that right now you are just a friend.

4. You are only a shoulder to cry on

Another warning sign that you are part of the friendship zone is when the person turns to you when another relationship ends. Reflect on these situations, because it is possible that just be a friendly shoulder to cry on in situations that are difficult to handle.

5. Feel nervous at your side

This is another typical sign of the friendship zone. When the feeling is romantic, it is common for the person to feel nervous. If he seems restless, begins to laugh at things that are not funny, or tries to impress you in some way, it is a sign that perhaps this affection goes beyond companionship. In a friendly relationship, the person makes no effort to try to impress or please another person.

Another classic sign of friendship is when he says things without the slightest concern about how you will react to what he says, that is, there is no concern about how you are going to react.

6. Try to act like Cupid

How do you know if it's just friendship or something else? This sign is simple! Are you talking about someone who adapts to you? Have you ever tried to date someone else? One more warning sign. Therefore, always pay attention to that detail or, even worse, if when you go out, you take a friend because you think you can make the perfect couple.

7. Body contact

When the feeling is mutual, it's normal seek caresses and physical contactEither in the game or as an excuse to be close to each other. If this never happens to you, even when there is an opportunity, it is because he has no intention of maintaining a more special physical contact.

Body language says a lot about the other person, but you need to pay attention to it. Always be very careful not to think that everything a girl does with her body is a sign of interest because you can become paranoid and see clues where nothing exists.