How to forget who you love. We have all been in love at some time in our life. Adventures, laughter, dinners, anger, ... Living special moments with the other person and not wanting it to never end, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Although it would be ideal to find the perfect person for life, it is not always achieved. You may not have the same goals or your lives should simply be separated. This is where the great dilemma comes, how can you forget who you love?

In this article we are going to give a series of tips to help you forget an old love and that you can move on, do you dare to read it?

How to forget who you love step by stepforget who you love

Next we are going to give you 12 consejos so that you carry out and you can achieve your goal of forgetting who you love and you can continue with your life.

1. Cut off communication

The first advice we give you on how to forget who you love is to cut off communication with the ex . Whether it's in person, on social media, or over the phone, staying in touch after the breakup will only reopen your wounds. Many people ignore this step and may relapse, putting aside their emotional healing just to win back their ex.

If you are not able to cut the communication, you will hardly forget this love, even if the relationship was painful. Also, you must get rid of objects and gifts that he gave you to avoid thinking about him.

2. It is inevitable to think of the other person

Although it sounds confusing, The more you try not to think of the other person, the more you will think of them. According to psychologists, when we try to forget about the ex, we get the opposite effect. We focus our thinking on not remembering it, so you are already thinking about that person.

Do not force it, it is inevitable that sometimes those moments that you lived come to mind. Simply Do not obsess with it and move on.

3. Think of you

In the search to understand how to forget who you love, you can develop addictions due to stress, fatigue and anxiety. To deal with all of these Negative effects you must rest and relax. You must be aware of what your needs are at this time and cover them. Pamper yourself, dress up and try not to sink into your loneliness, ehe end of a relationship is an important transition that must be made with health and patience .

4. Talk to someone you trustTalk to someone you trust

Unburdening yourself with a trusted friend can help a person overcome their insecurities. Speaking helps our heart, to let go of everything we carry inside and facilitates the understanding of the tensions and anxieties that we live. Try to understand your feelings so see the situation from another perspective.

5. Get inspired by people who have overcome it

Getting over a breakup is not easy, and you will most likely have trouble doing it. A good way to see that this breakup can be overcome is be inspired by people we admire and who have been through similar situations. In this way, we can be motivated by understanding how they have overcome the separation.

You can find these references in:

  • Websites and blogs: There are channels created specifically for subscribers to learn healthy relationships, including their termination.
  • Videos or publications on networks: Being a fast means of communication, we will always have some advice from someone on how to forget about a person.
  • Tips from friends: If a close friend has been through the same situation, try talking to him and be inspired by the change he has made.

6. Be patient with the pain

Although it seems impossible, You will get over the pain you feel from the breakup. This requires that you respect your pain and live this separation process calmly. As you try to get over the pain of separating from the one you love, engage in enjoyable activities and seek the support of your closest friends.

In addition, don't compare yourself to someone who managed to get over the breakup quickly. Give your mind time to process this separation in a mature and responsible way.

7. Focus on the present

The seventh tip on how to forget who you love is not imagine a future together or hold on to the past. A common mistake is to imagine realities that cannot happen instead of focusing on the present and its maturation. In addition, it is necessary to understand the reasons why you broke up, analyzing and remembering that the situation was not good and neither of you were okay.

8. Remember your ex's flawsRemember your ex's flaws

When we separate from a person we have the habit of remembering only the good, but remember that if you have left it, it is because not everything was so sweet. Try to think about their flaws and negative attitudes to avoid relapses or imagine a perfect relationship. All this does not mean that you have to hate it, far from it, but it does not mean that you have it on an altar.

9. Invest in what you like

As long as your heart heals, you can keep your mind focused on activities you enjoy. You could go back to old activities that you liked or discover new ones that bring you pleasure. In addition to the sense of accomplishment, this way you will start to have routines and hobbies that your ex will not be involved in.

10. Don't blame yourself

A common mistake is to think that the breakup is solely your fault. Don't feel guilty Thinking that you have not been up to the task, we are human beings with natural flaws and ambitions and, therefore, we are prone to making mistakes. Also, incompatibilities in a relationship can drive people away.

So remember that you have both decided to make this decision and that, although it hurts, in the future you will see that it has been the best thing you could do.

11. Perform spells to forget who you lovePerform spells to forget who you love

In the quest to get over a breakup, some people resort to casting spells to forget about a person. Next, we are going to give you an example to do:

  • Write the full name of the person you want to forget on a white piece of paper.
  • Throw the paper into the water and repeat the following phrase three times: “At the bends of this river, the rubble stops. You were in my life like a log. In the stream of life, you have now passed.

To do this practice you have to have faith that it will work. It's a mental exercise that helps you forget this person, more than a spell and has a symbolic value of overcoming and forgetting.

12. Prayer

In addition to spells, many people turn to prayer to forget that lost love. In short, it is another mental exercise to remove an ex-love from your life. In other words, it is a meditation to be able to get rid of the pain you feel while dealing with emotions and daily life.

As complicated as it may be, figuring out how to forget who you love will be beneficial to you. Now is the time to connect with ourselves and listen to our wishes. With a clearer mind we are able to advise ourselves and mature as human beings.

We hope that this article from has helped you and, if you are in this situation, remember that this suffering will end. The first few days after the breakup will probably be difficult, but you will soon find what you need to get over someone.