How to be more sociable and like people. Contrary to what many people think, no one can be nice or nasty all the time. Some people may be more shy, introverted, and insecure, but they always have nice and positive responses to certain people or situations. It also happens that outgoing and lively people can be withdrawn from time to time. Dislike or sympathy are responses to human interactions and involve many factors and variables.

In the following article we are going to give you the keys to being more sociable and being liked by people. Are you going to miss it?

What generates sympathy or dislike?be more sociable and people like you

Various factors can generate a negative response, such as personality, appearance, mood, competence, and emotional background. There are also several factors that trigger positive feelings, such as identification with the personality, common tastes and dreams, admiration, compassion and union for the same cause.

Whenever you have a relationship with someone, you activate all their emotional content, which can trigger memories of pain or love, joy or sadness, fear or anger. If you had a very controlling mother, for example, you may feel deeply irritated when interacting with a person who acts like they are right and leaves no room for anyone to speak.

This means that the capacity of sBeing sociable has much more to do with self-knowledge than sympathy. Relating to others depends especially on the individual's ability to reflect on their own emotions and understand their life story.

How to be more sociable and people like you step by stepHow to be more sociable and people like you step by step

Know yourself

The first step to acquiring self-knowledge and being more sociable is get to know your personality in depth, as well as your abilities, limitations and life history. This is because people are mirrors that reflect precisely who we are. We often get angry or dislike someone simply because that person is like us, or is something we would like to be.

Love yourselfLove yourself

Learn to love yourself, with all your strengths and weaknesses. If you do not accept yourself as you are, it will be very difficult for you to accept people as they are, always thinking that the problem is with others.

Have confidence in yourself

All the world has a good story to tell, with good examples and teachings. When you trust yourself, you lose the need to compare and compete with people.

Respect differences

Keep in mind that each person is different and has strengths and weaknesses. From this knowledge, learn to live and respect the differences between individuals, not creating expectations and frustrations in relationships.

Do not be afraid to make mistakesDo not be afraid to make mistakes

Many people prefer to isolate themselves rather than risk talking nonsense and making mistakes publicly. Human beings make mistakes, and obviously you will make mistakes many times, but nothingdie will stop accepting or loving you because of a mistake. Understand that you are imperfect, like everyone else.

Be yourself

Don't try to be different, each person has their own background and story, and people will like you just the way you are. We are all different and unique and it is not necessary that all people like us. Be yourself and surround yourself with people who like you for who you are.

Find your answers

Reflect on why you are not comfortable with a person, what feelings they generate in you, what you need to accept or forgive. This is important, not only to build a positive relationship, but to increase your self-awareness and resolve your internal conflicts.

These have been all the tips to know how to be more sociable and like people. We hope you put them into practice and help you in your goal. If you are interested in increasing your knowledge, keep browsing and don't miss the rest of our articles.