Friends poems
  • Friends are angels that give you wings when yours are already tired of flying.
  • Friendship is not waiting for someone to love you but to love and then wait.
  • I love you, I miss you, I can't forget you, I just say, thank you for your friendship.
  • In the middle of the sea a dolphin sighed, and in that sigh it said, friends to the end.
  • Friendship is a difficult pearl to find, since you and I have it, we must keep it.

Pretty friendship verses

  1. The grapes were born green as time ripened; we were born far away and friendship united us.
  2. A white flower, a withered flower, a friendship like yours is not erased or removed.
  3. You are a sincere friend, you are a special friend, you are the only friend that I can never forget.
  4. A rose is a flower, a trillion is a fortune, and a friend like you, I do not exchange it for any.
  5. A real friend comes early. The others, when they have time.

Friendship poems

  • friendship is like a leaf in the wind, it comes and goes but if it is the true one, it stops on the road.
  • Friends like you are the happy note in life. May you have the most joyful and melodious of your days today!
  • I thank life for having met you and more thanks to you for being a great friend.
  • Friends are like stars, the blacker the sky, the brighter they shine for you.
  • Friendship is very valuable, let us try to preserve it, and like the gardener to the rose, we must also water it. Jose Antonio Loyola.

I found a friend in you

"Life has given me many satisfactions
but they are few compared to the joys
that you gave me since I met you.
You are trustworthy, you are loyal,
you are always there by and for me.
Thanks for everything
what you do with so much attention !!
You are so precious to me ...
I am very grateful to you
I found a friend in you! "

Friendship is…

"Friendship is a hand that holds you
in pain and bewilderment.
It is an ear that listens
sometimes your pain and other times your joy.
It is a look that sees
to the depths of your soul
without ever judging you.
It is a heart that opens
and it never closes. "


"He knows you
And you know all your uncertainties
He understands your most secret thoughts
and you listen to him when he confesses his grief.
He shares his food with you.
You are always with him
when he claims you in his worries.
He protects you when you are accused
And you support him when he fights
He laughs when you are happy
and your heart bleeds
when he is miserable.
Between you and him, friendship one day appeared
and it has united you for life. "

Think of me

"If you need a friend,
don't forget to think of me.
Do not you worry about anything,
I will always be there for you.
If you have lost your way
or if a love is over,
tell me what ails you,
you will feel relieved.
When they come into your life
sorrows or worries
you can count on my help,
share your emotions.
I will keep your secrets
and I think I will understand
all your afflictions.
Don't forget that I'm there
always close to you,
If you need a friend ...
Think of me!"


“Friendship is a hand that supports you even if you don't see it.
Friendship is an ear attentive to both sorrow and joy.
Friendship is a refuge.
Friendship does not condemn or judge.
Friendship belongs only to us.
Friendship has a tender look
she sees the depths of your soul.
Friendship opens your heart to the doors of happiness.
It is for you, dear friends
that this poem I have written.
And everything I have written with passion,
I hope it is always in your heart. "

The friends

"Friends are to laugh
and share our secrets.
They are never absent ...
It doesn't matter what you said or did!
Friends share everything.
They will always hear your sorrows
And they never complain!
Friends are always very attentive.
They are always there for us.
Especially when suffering comes
I'm so happy!
You are my friend! "

The true friend

"The true friends
they are hard to find.
These make you smile
And they never make you cry
They listen to your sorrows
and they lift you up with courage,
they open their hearts to us
and light our paths.
Show your friends
how much you love them,
let your poem tell them
that without them .. you are nothing !! "


"There's nothing more to say
Friendship are not objects to give away,
means wanting without words or thinking,
It does not mean doing, but really feeling.

Friendship means sharing
from your losses to your achievements,
and without fear of what others say.
Friendship is much more than loving,
is being able to learn together,
it is actually a feeling of sincerity.
Friendship does not admit selfishness or vanity,
it is simply dying to live.

Friendship is something without comparison
comes from the depths of the heart
and it doesn't need any explanation.

Friendship is worth more than a memory.
Friendship is more than just love you,
And there is nothing more to say."

Videos of poems from friends

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