Have you ever tried to divide any number by zero? I don't know how. Let's do a test. Open your computer's calculator and try dividing any number you want by zero. So what is the result? Probably a message appeared on the calculator, saying that it is impossible to divide by zero. But why can not you? You can't understand Calm down! The explanation is very simple and after reading it you will understand everything.

How do you make a division?

To understand why you can't divide by zero, let's first remember how to divide. Each division must have a dividend, a divisor, and a quotient.

When we do a division, we look for the value of the quotient, this is the result of the division. And if you remember, the value of the quotient multiplied by the number of the divisor is equal to the number of the dividend, right?

And then, do you think it would be possible to find some number of the quotient that in the end, multiplied by zero, has a result equal to the number of the dividend?

Multiplication rules

To answer the question above, we must remember some rules of multiplication. When you try to multiply a number by zero, what is the result that will give? That's right, the result will always be zero.

  • 2 0 x = 0
  • 14 0 x = 0
  • 1 0 x = 0

Why can't it be divided by zero?

After remembering all this from above, you will understand: when trying to divide a number by zero, when we multiply the quotient by the divisor, which is zero, the result would always be zero and would never be the number of the dividend. Because of this, it is impossible to divide any number by zero.

This fact became a mathematical rule for division, and it is very important to know this at the time of testing. If you have a classmate who also doesn't know that you can't divide it by zero, have him read this text to understand it too, and everyone will do well on the test!

Understand in an easier way

If you have 6 popsicles and your mother tells you to share with your sister, you will divide 6 by 2 and each will have 3 popsicles, right? What if you have 6 popsicles and your mother tells you not to share them with anyone? That nobody means zero, and neither you nor your sister would get popsicles. Therefore, you cannot share anything with anyone, you need at least one person to share something.