Love poems remote for my boyfriend

Love as a couple is based on affection and appreciation, if you have fallen in love and really want him, you will not be able to stop loving him even if he is far from you. It is true that being away is sometimes challenging for a couple, however if the two of you want to continue your relationship and have no doubts about how you feel about your partner, the romance manages to stay.

If your lover is far away and you want to dedicate a beautiful phrase to him, you are in the right place, then we leave a list of beautiful romantic phrases for my lover who is far away. Your boyfriend will want to come back soon after you dedicate some of these phrases to him.

Distance love poems for my boyfriend

- "I have you present in my thoughts at all times since I feel very attracted to you, I miss you however my love for you has not changed."

- "If a couple feels love It does not matter how long they are apart, if they really love each other, what only matters is feeling the love that unites them, I love you and even though you are not here, I think of you every moment.

- "The distance that separates us will help to prove that our true love, I love you with all my strength and when we are together I will feel very happy, I love you very much my life."

- "Several weeks have passed since you left and I am still waiting for you because our love is not just an illusion, it is true, I love you with all my soul and that will not change anyone."

- "You left to achieve your goals and I understand that it is the best for you, however I do not stop being sorry for not being with you, these months have helped me to understand that I only love you and I will love you, you are the one love of my life and only your side I feel complete. "

- "You and I knew it was not going to be easy to continue with our courtship, but I love you and I do not intend to end our relationship because even though we are far from each other I continue to love you, when you come back you will understand that I only love you."

- "I miss those moments when I walked by your side and you kissed me, now that you have been I realize that I love you very much, they think of you every moment, when we are together I promise that we will never move away again."

- "I am in a beautiful city, but I would leave it to return to your side and be with you again, you are the ideal man and despite not being by your side in those moments my love for you grows every day."

- "I would love for all this to be just a bad dream, I feel like I couldn't take it anymore, being separated from you makes me sad and my heart anguishes, however it has served to increase my love for you."

Distance love poems for my boyfriend

  • Honey, I hope your trip ends earlier than planned. I do not see the hours that you have returned and we spent together as always. I don't care if you don't take me for a walk, as long as I'm with you, I could be locked up 24 hours a day and I wouldn't get tired of being by your side. We have always had such a good time and now that I miss you I am happy to think of all that we will do together when you return. "
  • “Since you had to make that trip for work, my heart is like a clock that is constantly ticking time to know how long it will be before you return. I miss you a lot in my life and many times I want you to come back incognito and give me the pleasant surprise that my wait is over and that you have finally returned. I love you and I always hope you come back soon. »
  • «Since I found out that you brought forward the date of your return, I feel so happy that I no longer know how to express this joy of knowing that you will be with me again. For a moment I thought that you would never go back or that if you spent so much time you could fall in love with someone else. Thank God they were just silly ideas product of my desperation for not having you with me and now I just have to count down to get my love back. »
  • «When I go to the same places we used to go when you were with me, I get so nostalgic, I start to remember every detail, every moment that we have lived together and the only thing I would like is for you to come back to my side and never be apart more because this anguish of knowing that you are far consumes me and I cannot live knowing that you are far from your family and my love ».
  • «I want to listen to romantic songs that make me think of you, I want to plan so many things that I would like to do with you, I want to compensate you with my caresses and all my love for the time we could not be together. I would also like you to promise me that you will never leave me alone again and that if you ever have to travel again you will take me with you.
  • "The stormy days of waiting are about to end and I want everyone to know that you will come soon and that despite the distance we have managed to maintain our feelings and we feel more and more in love."

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