Prayers for baptism

Prayers for baptism As a boy and a girl, short and beautiful lies in the fact that baptism is a purely spiritual activity and where we profess a faith that has been strengthened through prayer.

No matter the age of the person to be baptized, faith is something that has nothing to do with age but with the call that is felt from the heart, prayer is used to strengthen this call and so that it can be carried out from the heart with faith and courage. 

In the case of baby baptisms they are made as an act of faith where parents are instilling from a young age the love for the work of the Lord.

Prayers for baptism

Prayers for baptism

The important thing of all this is done with conviction and all knowledge. Prayers for baptism can be made by parents, godparents or any other family member or friend who sits with the call to do it.  

1) Prayers for girl's christening

Beloved Heavenly Father, we come before you today to present the life of (girl's name)

In gratitude to the gift of his life in our family, and in recognition of your great power and wisdom, we invoke your blessing on his life today. 

May she be a healthy, strong and intelligent girl; May she grow with your wisdom and your guidance until she becomes a woman as was Mary Mother of Jesus.

May our daughter be selected by you to fulfill your purposes here on Earth. That is submissive to your will, that knows how to praise you, serve you and love you. 

Then she finds your favor every day of her life, that she receives your blessing, honor and abundance.


The girls have that tender and delicate part that makes them unique and that is why the prayers for baptisms there is a specific one for them. The challenges that life begins to put at an early age can be strong and when making the decision to baptize them and themselves when learning their prayers we are leaving in them powerful tools that they can use in the future. 

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2) Prayers for child baptism

King of Kings and Lord of Lords, here before your glorious presence to present before you the life of our son (the child's name).

Thank you very much God for considering us fit to be the parents of this beautiful child. We promise to take care of you, love you and guide you along the good path of life. But we also come today to seek your blessing for your entire life.

May he become a "Friend of God" just as your servant Moses was. May you soon know your purpose in life, may you not submit to the world's system but do your will to be totally successful. May he be meek to accept your teachings and wise to recognize that you, God, are everything. May he be knowledgeable in literature and law, skilled in words, a great patriot and leader.

We bless him thus for the glory of your Name which is above all Name.


Children also have their specific prayer because many times their path in the midst of growth, they can be affected by a number of factors and that is why the special baptism prayer for children becomes an act of love, faith and delivery. The word of the Lord speaks to us about what it is to instruct the child and the ways of the Lord from an early age, that is why from the church the love and delivery of a devotional life full of moments of intimacy with God the Father and with All your saints 

3) Prayers for christening invitations

Prayers for christening invitations

Thank God for giving me life.
Thanks to my parents for showing me the way.
Thanks to my Family for giving me their love.
Thanks to my sponsors for regulating their cure.

I invite you to my baptism on Sunday, May 22 at 1:00 pm in the Temple of Our Lady of the Poor. Then I wait for you to eat in the lounge located on Plan Street in San Luis 117. Thank you.

It is very important to have the presence of our family and friends. Therefore, we must have a prayer to invite you happily.

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That's what this prayer for christening invitations is for. You can use it freely in your baptism invitations.

4) Short christening prayer

Magnificent God, glory and honor be to you, the only creator of life. 

Here we are before your presence to bless the life of (the child's name/girl), this beautiful child that you give us for a son.

We bless you so that as of today, start your life with your guidance and protection. May our son grow up knowing that your Holy Spirit is his best friend. May his life have eternal purposes as was the life of Abraham; and that like him, be patient to wait for the fulfillment of the promises of God, who believes in your words and teachings and thus may your heart please our God. 

Be our blessed, healthy, strong and prosperous son for the glory of God.


Prayers are powerful no matter how long or short they are, what really matters is with the faith that they are made. In the Bible there are many examples that we can find in which we talk about short sentences that were answered in a quick time and This is what we should care about. There are long prayers that lack faith and short prayers that are powerful, it all depends on the faith you have and not the time it lasts.

5) Cross baptism prayers

Prayers for cross baptism
Prayers for cross baptism

If you want to get some baptism prayers ready to print, we have them right above in the form of a cross. It was the most beautiful thing we found. Take full advantage!

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What are the prayers for baptism for?

Prayers help us to purify the soul and our spirit It is renewed through the whole process of prayer because it is taking time and dedicating it to enriching the soul. From the moment we are ready to pray, it begins to take effect in us, since giving our time in obedience to God is better than any other sacrifice we can make. In the case of baptisms it is even more so since a spiritual commitment is being made before God.

The prayers for baptism serve to prepare our spirit for the act to be done. If the baptism is in children then through these prayers we can also ask for the future, so that God always guides their steps and keeps them close to their fold at all times. 

Are these sentences really powerful?

All the prayers made with faith are extremely powerful and that is precisely why they have become a spiritual weapon that we can always use wherever we are and no matter how complicated what we ask for.

Prayers can cause even the dead to rise from their graves as we see in the word of God in the example of Lazarus that he already had several days dead and with only one word come back to life. 

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