Prayer to San Antonio to find love

Prayer to San Antonio to find love, the search for true love is something that keeps many people busy and concerned. This is why many times they are in the need to make a prayer to San Antonio to find love, to help them discover it.

The realization of a person includes being able to start their own family and for this, the vast majority, they need a partner to accompany them throughout the process.

True love has become so commercial, so overrated that many times we are waiting for an exact model of what they sell us in movies, books and society in general.

First we must leave that idea aside, love can surprise us in the way we least think, so we must be prepared and with an open heart to receive it when it decides to arrive.

Pray To find true love will help us wait as long as necessary and know how to identify it.

Prayer to Saint Anthony to find love Is it strong? 

Prayer to San Antonio to find love

It is strong and powerful, especially if you do it with faith and from the heart. The word of the Lord teaches us, in one of his innumerable accounts of the new testament, that love can do everything, expect everything, endure it and never ceases to be.

In this way we can know with certainty whether it is love or something else that is being felt. Many say they love and time ceases to do so, this, according to the word of God, is not mor.

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The heart is deceiving, more than all things. Feelings are changing while love is a decision.

Praying God the creator and asking him to guide us to decide who deserves our love and who does not, as well as to identify who has decided to truly love us is important since we avoid situations that can be painful.

Remember there is no prayer that is done with faith that is not answereda.

It may take a while or the answer comes from where we least think, but we must have the confidence of knowing that God is doing everything in our favor and he knows what our true needs are.

Prayer to find true love

My God, You who, as creator, provide life to all creatures. You who see everything and know everything, do not stop directing your gaze to my life and see how I have to improve to be that person who can have true love.

If my character is not the most appropriate, if my way of being and living are not concordes with love, tell me. Please tell me in my heart everything I have to know about your word. Get close to my ear and suggest what I should do. Don't leave me, day after day, waiting for that sure love, without knowing that it is I who must change.

God of heaven, Being supreme and wonderful, I trust in You. I know that your word in my heart is like the pure water that runs through the river and cleans everything in its path. I await your word and all your advice. I look forward to your dictations. I want to receive you in my deepest being. I know they will be fair, wise and true, convenient for my love life.

Because you are Justice, wisdom and truth. God of the firmament, I promise you that I will put into practice your expert tips and that I will always follow the path that you mark me. Guide me through this path so that I know the exact route to follow, always according to your laws of love. I pray that my future partner will always honor me and love me without conditions and prefer me above all others.

Amen, amen.

 This prayer should be done leaving aside our preferences, we have to think about what is more important than feelings, what will last through the years. 

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Love can be achieved anywhere but true love is built day by day. It is a team work in which we can count on the help of the creator God of all things.

If it is possible to achieve true love and if we trust the power of prayer the possibilities are much greater. Pray using our own words and wait for the answer.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua to find love 

Blessed Saint Anthony, the kindest of all the saints, your love for God and your love for his creatures made you worthy of possessing miraculous powers.

With your words you helped those with problems or anxieties and miracles occurred through your intercession. I implore you to obtain for me ... (express your request).

Gentle and dear saint, with your heart always full of human compassion, whisper my request to the sweet Child Jesus, who liked to be in your arms, and receive forever the gratitude of my heart. (Pray three of our parents and three Hail Marys.)

Saint Anthony of Padua is the saint to whom we must pray to find true love. He can help you get love, your soulmate, the other half, your life complement.

It is another person that was created especially for you, do not doubt that it is.

Prayers are powerful and help us to guide energies well so that we do not fall into despair or the error of believing to find love where there is none.

Prayer to San Antonio to find the love of your life 

Saint Anthony, glorious and known for your miracles, grant me the Mercy of God to fulfill my desire to (get a partner).

Since you are so kind to sinners like me, do not look at my faults, consider the Glory of God to forgive my mistakes, grant me the request that I strongly make to you. Glorious Saint Anthony of the Miracles, consolation of the afflicted, I ask for your help on your knees and be my Guide. I have come to your aid with a request and this has relieved my afflicted and grateful heart.

Accept my offerings of devotion and love towards you. I renew my promise to live by loving you, Saint Anthony, God and my neighbor.

Bless me with my request, grant me the grace to enter the Kingdom of Heaven one day, to be able to sing the mercies of the Lord forever.


Sn Antonio will listen to you and help you throughout the process so that you find the love of your life.

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Once you have found it the same, you can continue asking him to continue guiding his steps and his decisions at all times.

Prayer has power, have faith and trust that he will do the rest.

Can I say the 3 prayers to San Antonio?

Do you want to pray more than a prayer to find true love?

Can do it.

Can and should pray all prayers without limitations. They can be prayed all together without problem.

Remember that the most important thing is to have a lot of faith in God and in San Antonio.

In this way you will get the maximum possible help to get your love.

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