Prayer to the Virgin of Montserrat for pregnant women

Prayer to the Virgin Montserrat for pregnant women revered by the Catholic Church of all the world, it was the same church where the prayer to the Virgin of Montserrat for pregnant women since as one of the representations of the Virgin Mary He knows well what it is to gestate a life within the womb and can help in the entire gestation process. 

Prayer is a powerful weapon that we can use whenever we need it regardless of the circumstance.

The sacred scriptures promise great miracles for those who request divine intervention. 

Prayer to the Virgin of Montserrat for pregnant women Who is the Virgin of Montserrat?

Prayer to the Virgin of Montserrat for pregnant women

I knew how The Moreneta, since its appearance on the top of a mountain, it has not ceased to grant miracles to every believer who needs your help.

It was until 1881 when the Father Leo XIII I declare her as one of the patrons of the diocese of the city of Catalonia and since then her day is celebrated every April 27.

As for its appearance, two versions are known, however what is known with total certainty is that this is an image that comes from heaven with the purpose that our faith is strengthened once more knowing that miracles do exist and have the face of the same Virgin Mary.

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Now that you know the Virgin of Montserrat patron of the pregnant women, let's pray.

Prayer to the Virgin of Montserrat for pregnant women

Mary, mother of beautiful love, sweet girl from Nazareth, you who proclaimed the greatness of the Lord and, saying "yes", made yourself the mother of our Savior and our mother: heed today the prayers I make to you: Inside me a new life is growing: a little one who will bring joy and joy, concerns and fears, hopes, happiness to my home.

Take care of it and protect it while I carry it in my breast.

And that, in the happy moment of birth, when I hear their first sounds and see their little hands, I can thank the Creator for the wonder of this gift that He gives me.

That, following your example and model, I can accompany and see my son grow.

Help me and inspire me to find in me a shelter to shelter and, at the same time, a starting point to take your own paths.

Also, my Mother, look especially at those women who face this moment alone, without support or without love.

May they feel the love of the Father and discover that every child that comes into the world is a blessing.

Let them know that the heroic decision to welcome and nurture the child is taken into account.

Our Lady of the Sweet Wait, give them your love and courage.


You like the prayer to the Virgin of Montserrat for pregnant women?

In those moments where she is pregnant many times the meter is filled with thoughts of anguish that what they do is alter the peace y tranquility that you should have in a time like this is why prayers can become a refuge where to go when instability arrives.

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Pray to the Virgin of the pregnant women now!

Will this virgin help me?

Whenever she is asked for help as a good mother, she will come to our call.

This is why you must have unwavering faith believing that we will get your help at all times.

It doesn't matter if it's for us or for a friend or acquaintance, the sentences It always has power if done with faith and from the soul.

I hope you liked the powerful prayer to the Virgin of Montserrat for pregnant women.

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