Love poems
We celebrate Valentine's Day with poetry. We offer you this selection of verses on the day of the patron saint of lovers. Below you can read 5 love poems, by Pablo Neruda, Mario Benedetti, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Miguel Hernández and Dulce María Loynaz.

Love poems

My slave (Pablo Neruda)

My slave, fear me. Love me. Slave of mine!
I am with you the largest sunset in my sky,
and in it my soul stands out like a cold star.
When they move away from you, my steps return to me.
My own lash falls on my life.
You are what is inside me and is far away.
Fleeing like a chorus of pursued mists.
Next to me, but where? Far, which it is far.
And what is far under my feet walks.
The echo of the voice beyond the silence.
And what in my soul grows like moss in ruins.

Let's make a deal (Mario Benedetti)

you know
you can count
with me
not until two
or up to ten
but count
with me

if ever
that I look into her eyes
and a streak of love
recognize in mine
do not alert your rifles
nor think what delirium
despite the grain
or maybe because it exists
you can count
with me

yes other times
He finds me
sullen for no reason
don't think how lazy
can still count
with me

but let's make a deal
I would like to tell
with you

he is so cute
know that you exist
one feels alive
and when i say this
I mean count
even if it's up to two
even if it's up to five
no longer to come
hurried to my aid
but to know
for sure
that you know you can
count on me.

Song of the soldier husband (Miguel Hernández)

I have populated your belly with love and sowing,

I have prolonged the echo of blood to which I respond

and I wait on the furrow as the plow waits:

I've reached the bottom

Brunette with high towers, high light and high eyes,

wife of my skin, great drink of my life,

your crazy breasts grow until me jumping

conceived doe.

It seems to me that you are a delicate crystal,

I fear that you will break me at the slightest stumble,

and reinforce your veins with my soldier skin

out like the cherry tree.

Mirror of my flesh, sustenance of my wings,

I give you life in death that they give me and I don't take.

Woman, woman, I want you surrounded by bullets,

craved for lead.

On the fierce coffins lurking,

on the same dead without remedy and without grave

I love you, and I would like to kiss you with all my chest

even in the dust, wife.

When next to the battlefields he thinks of you

my forehead that does not cool or appease your figure,

you approach me like a huge mouth

of hungry teeth.

Write me to the fight, sit me in the trench:

here with the rifle your name I evoke and fix,

and I defend your poor belly who awaits me,

and I defend your son.

Our son will be born with a clenched fist,

wrapped in a clamor of victory and guitars,

and I will leave my life as a soldier at your door

no fangs or claws.

It is necessary to kill to continue living.

One day I will go to the shadow of your distant hair.

And I will sleep on the sheet of starch and noise

sewn by your hand.

Your implacable legs at childbirth go straight,

and your implacable mouth with indomitable lips,

and before my loneliness of explosions and gaps

you walk a path of relentless kisses.

For the son will be the peace that i am building.

And at last in an ocean of hopeless bones,

your heart and mine will be shipwrecked, remaining

a woman and a man worn out by kisses.

A love poem

MÍA - Rubén Darío (1867-1916)

Mine: that's your name.
What more harmony?
Mine: the light of day;
Mine: roses, flames.
What aromas you spill
in my soul
if I know that you love me,
oh my, oh my!
Your sex melted
with my strong sex,
melting two bronzes.
I sad; you sad…
Must you not be, then,
Mine to death?

I LOVE YOU AT TEN IN THE MORNING - Jaime Sabines (1926-1999)

I love you at ten in the morning, and at eleven,
and at twelve o'clock. I love you with all my soul and
with my whole body, sometimes, in rainy afternoons.
But at two in the afternoon, or at three, when I
I think about the two of us, and you think about the
food or daily work, or amusements
that you don't have, I start to hate you deafly, with
half the hate that I keep for myself Then I love you again, when we go to bed and
I feel that you are made for me, that somehow
your knee and your belly tell me that my hands
convince me of it, and that there is no other place in
where I come, where I go, better than you
Body. You come whole to meet me, and
we both disappear for a moment, we get into
in the mouth of God, until I tell you that I have
hungry or sleepy.
Every day I love you and I hate you hopelessly.
And there are days too, there are hours, when not
I know you, in that you are alien to me like the woman
of another, I worry about men, I worry
I am distracted by my sorrows. You probably don't think
in you for a long time. You see who
could I love you less than I love my?

Videos of love poems


  • My heart will love you until the last breath, like birds that share a life of flight, and you for me, my love, are the best travel companion I could have.
  • I remember that first wet kiss with the nostalgia that only the years can teach you, I always remember it between smiles because it made me blatantly happy.
  • Sometimes you remind me of the song of the birds, because even in the most funerary of my awakenings you know how to conjugate a smile to my heart, I will love you with the force from the winds until the earth do us part.
  • I will be only yours, whenever you want, no one else will love me because your insides are my insides. As the days go by I will grow old with the tenderness of your eyes.
  • I want you to wake up next to me, because seeing how the first tenuous rays of the sun illuminate, you give me enough vitality to endure all day.
  • The art of loving is not taught in schools, I learned it from you and I try to improve it every day, even if it seems impossible, with tenacity and effort I can always overcome it.
  • Without you by my side, everything loses meaning, everything is a dark shadow that hides between the entrails of the long night of time.
  • I could watch you for hours, I love the little details of your slender body, I would like to know all of them, down to the smallest detail: the freckles on your face, the mark on your belly, that mark behind your ear.
  • I would like to share with you every breath of air, every second of experience and all the nostalgia that fits in a memory.
  • Believe it or not, my tranquility is weaker than it seems, and behind this appearance of an impenetrable wall hides a heart of glass that is afraid to face the hammer of your absence.
  • When I touch your sweet hands, gently, caressing them, I feel like the happiest man in the world, it charges me with the energy to go up and down the Himalayas.

Love poems

  • You have filled my long nights with dreams, I find you in the most remote places of my battered soul, I miss your rough body, your look as a Lion. Again hug me with your strong arms, I need you, my man.
  • I adore when you give me a smile, because it means that, at least for an instant, I have managed to invade the privacy of your indomitable thoughts.
  • I want to share with you all the springs that I have left, to grow like moss in the ruins, to never leave your life.
  • The day I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, it started to make sense.
  • Tomorrow when you wake up you will read this message, insomnia has taken hold of me, although there are a thousand problems that animate me, knowing that I have you by my side I am strong enough to overcome them all.
  • Happy dreams, my son, I go to bed with the firm conviction that when I wake up tomorrow, I will love you more than today, but less than tomorrow, like a sea in which many rivers flow.
  • I just need your smile to blow away my days, and the rough image of your naked torso to make them all burn.
  • I feel very fortunate to have the man of my life by my side, the Lion who defends his litter tooth and nail.
  • Sometimes I would love to love you as much as I admire you, but I find it difficult. In reality, it is impossible for there to be love without admiration or fascination for the other person.
  • Thank you for making my days easier and sheltering me at night, you are sun y Moon.
  • I love you more than my own life, because you feed my hopes and my dreams.
  • Your voice resonates in my heart to the rhythm of the bolero, I would like to dance close to you the rest of my days.
    Although there are many people who come and go on the tram of my life, you are always the final station, which I always want to get to, my refuge, my home.

Romantic poems

  • Maybe just looking at you for a second is enough to charge me with energy for a whole day, you have something mystical that surrounds you in a veil of penetrating fascination.
  • I love the sweet smile that your eyes draw when they see me, it makes me feel like a bird that has regained its freedom, a little piece of paradise given to mortals, something worth living and being told.
  • The treasure of the 7 seas, the force of the winds that became madly worse, the calm of the water in slight movement that precedes them…. This is how I feel when I sail between your worlds, an angry pirate of freedom searching for the chest of your heart.
  • If I had lovers in your eyes I would not need anything else, your sweet gaze thawed my heart of stone to bring me back to life, I am your creature in this story of love and scaffolding.
  • A few moments in your arms and time stops, although the clock handles continue their course and the sun does not stop moving. I will always love you with the madness of the first day, under that halo of hopes and promises.
  • I will take with me, wherever I go, all the good memories you have given me, the looks, the smiles, the furtive kisses and the starry nights. We are what we have lived, the rest does not matter because the earthly is blown by the wind.
  • You can never imagine what attracts me to the eyes of your wild panther, that penetrating, slanted gaze, with the value that the years give it and how exotic the passage of time can become.
  • Over the years I have learned to appreciate you better, you are like good wines, which never sting and endure the indelible passage of days, and our love is stronger than the passage of time.
  • I love you, it is not easy to say, we all feel deep down a little afraid of loving, but to be able to say it, and that is true, is the best of liberations, it means leaving a long and stormy captivity.
  • If I had to choose, I would always choose you, but between what? Between you and everything else, whatever it is, and that is that love is capable of driving even the wisest crazy.

Love verses

  • In the sand of that beach it would be the memory of our best days, that trip only made sense because you were by my side.
  • In the calm of my room you are always present, my mind is projected addicted to you, and you cannot forget the sweet memory of your kisses.
  • The cold, the snow and the ice, the loneliness, and suddenly a fortuitous heat timidly ending up taking possession of everything. You, the most unexpected spring.
  • Every second the wind takes it away, and only memories, nostalgia and love remain. Falling in love was my best option, although I had no other.
  • My life was too long before I met your lips, the nights are too short by your side, I know many seconds of your sight I know nothing of your absence.
  • What do the lips of someone in love taste like? Only thanks to you did I know the answer, and I learned that there are questions, although difficult to answer, can change your life. Thanks for all the good times.
  • I take you in the depths of my soul, where no one can find you, because you always were for me and you will always be for me.
  • Our hands touching each other under the light of the first rays of the sun is the closest thing to the gates of paradise that has ever existed.
  • Believe it or not, just with your smile you have changed my whole world, there are images that are never forgotten, there are gestures that are priceless.
  • Sometimes we realize too late, that only the right person can save us from the most disastrous situation, if, on the other hand, we choose to be next to a disastrous person, we will always end up in an absurd situation.
  • Love me as much as I have loved you, love me all my life, this life and come, because we are alone and on earth we will become.
  • First I fell in love with your eyes, then with your eyes, but now that I know the finger of your soul, I could not live without it anymore, when something sweet invades you and makes you overflow addicted.

Videos of love poems

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