The best ingredients for salads

What do salads contribute to your health? Sources of minerals, vitamins and fiber, salads are at the heart of a healthy diet. They contribute to the proper functioning of the body, aid digestion, generate greater satiety and help maintain weight, as they are low in calories. Salads are also versatile and there are… READ MORE

Because losing weight gets harder with age

Because it is more difficult to lose weight at an older age Aging is a natural process. With it, the body changes and the signs of the passage of time become more evident on the skin and even in the hair. Internally, transformations also take place. The main change is the rate of basal metabolism, which… READ MORE

Because the low-carb diet isn't working for you

Low-carbohydrate diets became known as low-carbohydrate diets. They have become popular for their effectiveness in promoting weight loss. Studies have even shown that during the first three to six months, people who follow a low-carb approach lose more weight in... READ MORE

What controls our appetite?

We are used to saying “I am satisfied”, but does anyone know what that really means? A new study found that what appetite signals and tells our bodies to stop eating is something different than previously thought. According to researchers at the University of California San Francisco in the United States,… READ MORE

Why we need to include fat in the diet

Is fat good for health? For a long time it was believed that fat could not be included in the diet. This was because he was seen as the enemy of healthy eating, responsible for obesity and various other diseases. But advances in nutrition studies prove… READ MORE

Common types of intermittent fasting

What is intermittent fasting? Fasting is an ancient practice, and among the various types of fasting that exist, intermittent fasting is certainly the most talked about today. The word fasting refers to the non-fed state, it means not eating anything, and intermittent means saying what doesn't happen continuously. Therefore, … READ MORE

SIRT Diet, The Eating Plan That Allows Chocolate and Wine

New diets seem to be popping up regularly, and the SIRT Diet is one of the newest. The eating plan has become famous for encouraging the consumption of foods such as chocolate and wine. Its creators insist that it is not a passing fad, but that the “sirtfoods” (foods allowed in … READ MORE

Cabbage Soup, Diet to lose weight

What is the cabbage soup diet? The Cabbage Soup Diet is a short-term weight loss diet. As the name suggests, it involves eating large amounts of vegetable soup combined with some other foods. Proponents of this diet plan say it can help you lose... READ MORE

Diet to gain muscle mass, Menu

You train, you train, but is it difficult to gain muscle mass? There are several reasons for this slow or almost non-existent progress, and we list the main ones here. Review your goal First of all, if your goal in the gym is to gain muscle mass, you need your training to be geared towards hypertrophy. See with your teacher the exercises that work… READ MORE

Vertical diet, what is it and how is it done?

Finding the right diet can be as long a process as finding the perfect jeans, because it's all about what works best for each body. In your search for the ideal eating plan, you are sure to find some diets that seem reasonable, like the Mediterranean diet, and others that sound more extreme, like the diet… READ MORE

Holistic Nutrition, what is it and how to follow it?

There is no miracle, healthy eating is a fundamental practice to achieve weight loss. The result is even better if there is an alignment between the body, mind and emotions. Holistic nutrition is a method that seeks precisely this balance. The therapeutic properties of food are used according to… READ MORE

Tips to decrease the desire to eat sweets

That craving for sweets from time to time is normal, but the problem begins when the urge to eat sugary foods becomes uncontrollable and frequent, causing one to devour the entire box of candy in seconds. Consequences of consuming excess sweets With the excessive intake of sweets, the… READ MORE

How to stay motivated to lose weight

Discipline, willpower and patience. These are some of the ingredients needed to stay motivated to lose weight. In the early days, this may be even easier to achieve, but the truth is that, in general, there comes a time when following a diet becomes a real challenge. This could be … READ MORE

Hidden Sugar, How to See Other Ingredient Names on the Label

To promote a healthier life and a balanced diet, recommending a decrease in sugar consumption is a common practice. However, putting this into practice seems easier than it really is. There are approximately 36 different names for the substance on industrialized labels, which does not always make identification easy… READ MORE

High protein diet, what is it and how to do it?

The high-protein diet is part of the low-carbohydrate diet group of meal plans, that is, it reduces carbohydrates on the menu and helps speed up the weight loss process. The hyperproteic diet is an eating pattern that includes proteins and fats. Its differential is the fact that it becomes… READ MORE

What Happens When You Follow a Low Carb Diet?

That story that glucose is essential for the functioning of our organs and that, for this reason, we need to eat carbohydrates in the diet is not at all true. In fact, they survive very well on ketone bodies (fat), including the brain, whose need for glucose is so small that the liver is … READ MORE

Healthy snacks that don't compromise your diet

We all have those days when our stomach feels like a bottomless pit. At such times, it seems impossible to follow the diet, and the fridge seems more and more tempting. Sometimes that feeling is related to hormones, or it can be your body's response to a tough workout. Or, let's be... READ MORE

Learn about the 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet promises rapid weight loss – 4 to 6 kilos in the first 17 days through the elimination of sugar, grain-based foods, fruits and most dairy products. The methodology promises to accelerate metabolism and encourage the body to… READ MORE

Sweet potato diet, Menu and how to do it?

For those who have traded the common (English) potato and other carbohydrate sources for this weight-loss ally tuber, the sweet potato diet is nothing new. Sweet potatoes are widely consumed and a healthy source of carbohydrates. It is perfect for those who want energy to work out and gain muscle. But … READ MORE

5 diet mistakes you make at work

Boardroom snacks, birthday parties, coffee breaks—there are plenty of temptations that make dieting successful at work difficult. But these are not the only or main reasons that prevent you from following a healthier diet. Apparently innocent habits of routine are the main mistakes… READ MORE

6 healthy recipes for when you feel like eating sweets

It's very hard to stay away from a sweet treat, and dieters often feel like biting into at least a piece of a tasty dessert. However, you don't have to take these delicacies off your menu if you're trying to lose weight. You can adapt some ingredients and make smart swaps to prepare… READ MORE

6 simple tips to lose weight permanently

You finally decided to change your habits and lose weight. You started exercising and dieting. However, after a time of dietary reeducation, you begin to feel lost and without that initial enthusiasm. Everyone goes through this phase at some point in their journey to a healthier life, to… READ MORE

Mindful Eating, The method that teaches you to eat mindfully

Eat mindfully. Constantly seek to eat mindfully, noticing the type of food you are eating and the taste, to extract the maximum benefit. This is what conscious eating preaches, an ancient technique widely used in behavioral nutrition and that proposes awareness of the signs and… READ MORE

The best way to lose weight according to science

If you ask a diet specialist about the best way to lose weight, you'll probably get a wide range of answers. How do you choose a weight loss method that really works? A recent scientific study revealed the best way to lose weight. In fact, the researchers identified three specific points… READ MORE

The food group to avoid to lose weight

When it comes to weight loss, we usually focus on a specific food or nutrient. We blame it for all of your weight loss problems, isolate it from dieting, and then watch our weight fluctuate up and down. Avoid ultra-processed foods Low-fat diets have been… READ MORE

Do you know green juices to burn fat? discover them

Green juices have a different purpose at the time of their preparation. While some work to detoxify the body, there are others that burn abdominal fat and recover the figure lost due to weight gain. Learn more about green juices to burn fat here. Recipes of green juices to burn fat The … READ MORE

Learn here everything about green juices to lose weight

Green juices are very important to cleanse the body, lose weight, burn fat quickly, among other benefits of interest that you can learn by reading this post. Don't miss out on any of these shakes that will significantly improve your health. Green juices to lose weight Follow a healthy eating plan, … READ MORE

Juices to burn fat: fasting, with ginger, with pineapple and more

Today, we see a lot of concern in people to lose weight and be healthy. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to burn the fat that has been accumulating in various parts of the body. How? In this article we offer you some juice recipes that help eliminate that excess body fat. We will present as... READ MORE

Learn about all the Vegetarian Diets to Lose Weight here

Discover here everything about Vegetarian Diets to Lose Weight, consuming a wide variety of foods, mainly fruit, vegetables, and legumes. Introduction When we speak of vegetarianism, we are contemplating under this term, a form of nutrition in which exclusively plant-based foods are consumed, omitting the consumption of foods that are of animal origin, … READ MORE

South Beach Diet: phases, results, opinions and more.

The South Beach Diet has become very popular worldwide. It was created by a cardiologist who gave it the name of one of the most popular beaches in Miami. Find out about its benefits here. What is diet? It is important to start this article by talking a little about the differences that exist between diet … READ MORE

Lemon Diet: Origin, how is it done?, opinions and much more

The Lemon Diet is widely applied throughout the world thanks to the excellent results that can be obtained with it to lose weight, in a healthy and healthy way at the same time; We invite you to know it and learn how it can be done. Introduction The human body is a perfect machine that… READ MORE

Pineapple Diet: Origin, experiences, opinions and much more

The Pineapple Diet is an excellent way to lose weight in a fantastic way, discover and learn all about this method that you surely did not know and that offers a wide variety of combinations. Introduction Most people at some point in their lives have looked for the surest way to lose… READ MORE

Herbalife Nutrition: What is it?, products and much more

Learn here everything about Herbalife nutrition, a company in charge of supplying important products for weight loss, since they offer complete and adequate nutrition, which promotes proper weight loss, without the need to go hungry, get to know it. Introduction People all over the world have always searched for effective methods… READ MORE

Consequences of Hypothyroidism: in pregnancy and more

Learn here everything about the Consequences of Hypothyroidism, a disorder of the thyroid gland that causes great difficulties in losing weight, due to the lack of hormonal production, which stops the metabolism of the human body. Introduction Hyperthyroidism is a disease manifested in humans, whose condition is due to a decrease … READ MORE

Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism: Types, Symptoms, Causes and More

Discover in this post everything about Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, a condition in which the immune system attacks the thyroid gland, thereby preventing the production, storage and release of thyroid hormones in the blood; Know here everything about this disease. Introduction Hashimoto's hypothyroidism is a disease considered to be of the autoimmune type… READ MORE

Hypothyroidism in Children: What is it?, Symptoms, treatment, and more

Hypothyroidism in children is an endocrine disorder, which is characterized by the inadequate function of thyroid hormones in the body, this condition can cause significant damage to the body, for this reason it is important to know its symptoms, causes, treatments and much more . What is hypothyroidism in children? This time we will meet… READ MORE

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism: Subclinical, Primary and much more

In the following article we will learn everything about a very important topic, it is about the symptoms of hypothyroidism, it is known that this condition can manifest itself at various levels depending on the severity of the hormonal deficiency. Symptoms in women Hypothyroidism disease usually affects women more frequently, studies show that women … READ MORE

Secondary Hypothyroidism: What is it?, causes, symptoms, and more

Secondary hypothyroidism is a condition that affects many people in the world, this disease occurs when the hypothalamus creates a very small amount of thyrotropin-releasing hormone which is known as (TRH), another of its causes occurs when the pituitary produces an amount that is insufficient of TSH, which originates … READ MORE

Hypocaloric Diet: characteristics, indications, recipes and more

Do you want to know a method to lose weight? Here we will describe one of many, the hypocaloric diet, which is known and applied worldwide, accepted by many people but rejected by many others; Continue reading and learn all about this interesting diet, and find out if you can do it or should avoid it. Remember … READ MORE

Running to lose weight: routine, benefits, time and much more

Many times we do different daily activities and neglect our body, our health and even our quality of life, ignoring how important it is to exercise, stay active, our body will thank us, and if you want to lose weight, this activity that we will describe below will be a great ally, run to lose weight, hesitate and do it. Routine of… READ MORE

Chronic Fatigue: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and More

Learn all about Chronic Fatigue, a serious human condition, intolerance to exertion, intense tiredness and the presence of insomnia; which has quite important degrees that you surely did not know, find out by reading our article. What is it? Chronic fatigue is a syndrome that people present, where they experience a strong… READ MORE

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