Armor of God

Do you know Armor of God?

As in war, where soldiers need special armor such as bulletproof vests, helmets to protect their heads, weapons and other implements.

En the world spiritual, we also need an armor that protects us and helps us face all the adversities that may arise in life.

In the word of God, specifically in the last chapter of Ephesians, one of the letters that the Apostle Paul wrote, advises all believers to use the armor of God to fight with the evil one and to gain victory.

The spiritual world is in constant war and that is why we must be prepared at all times.

Parts of God's way

Armor of God

This armor includes a series of spiritual instruments that, in order to know how to use them, you have to know how they are used and that is why we now tell you everything you need to know to protect yourself with the spiritual armor. 

1: The belt of truth

The belt of truth is named in Ephesians 6:14. Physically and in ancient times, soldiers wore a belt to keep the tunic firm while providing support to the body.

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In the spiritual sense, the belt becomes that knowledge and security that makes us stand firm, convinced that we are Children of God, although the evil one wants to convince us otherwise. 

To make proper use of the belt of truth our heart must be filled with the word of the Lord we must strengthen ourselves with prayer. We have to live a whole and firm life in the way of Christ. 

2: The breastplate of justice.

Just as in ancient times there was the armor, with which the internal organs were covered, as we now know as the bulletproof vest.

The soldiers who walk in the spiritual world need to keep our hearts from all enemy attacks.

The breastplate of justice becomes that covering that gives us Justice that we achieve through Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us is the cross of Calvary. 

To use it correctly we must remember the identity we have in Christ, recognize that thanks to his sacrifice is that we are justified before the heavenly father.

We cannot believe what the enemy tells us or their accusations or be remembering our past life or our sins.

Those are strategies of the evil one to hurt us and only the breastplate of justice protects us from these attacks. 

3: The preparation of the gospel

Every warrior needs to protect his feet from attacks because these are also an important target for the enemy.

If a soldier is not firm in his walk then it is easy to eliminate. Soldiers have to take firm and safe steps, without hesitation or fear. 

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The shoes of the gospel must be worn safely, trust what the Lord has given you, stay strong on the road.

Fill yourself with peace, joy and love and allow this to spread to those around you. The call is to preach the Gospel to every creature.

With safe steps always watching not to step on any mine or any sharp object that the enemy could leave on the road. Always moving forward and never backing up, growing in the kingdom of God. 

4: The shield of faith in God's armor

Here the Apostle Paul leaves us instructions for the use of the shield of faith. We know that a shield is a protection weapon that can help us in the battle so that none of the attacks reach us.

In the spiritual world we also need a shield because the enemy throws darts that, if it reaches us, can hurt us a lot. 

The shield of faith is used correctly when our faith is strengthened. For this we must read the word of God, memorize it and, most importantly, put it into practice.

Let us remember that faith is like a muscle that if it is not exercised then atrophies, let us exercise faith and make it strong so that it can protect us from all the attacks that the evil one throws against us. 

5: The helmet of salvation in the Armor of God

The helmet is a helmet that protects the soldier's head. One of the most important pieces of all armor.

Our mind is a true battlefield and is an easy target for the enemy because it attacks directly in our thoughts making us negative or making us believe things that are not correct according to the word of the Lord. 

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We use the helmet or helmet of salvation when we remember at all times that we are saved through faith and that is a truth that cannot be changed.

We must fight and fight evil thoughts with the word of God because he loves us and has forgiven us of all our sins. 

6: The sword of the Spirit in the Armor of God

Here there is a big difference because the other weapons are to protect us but this is special because it was created so that we can attack the forces of evil. With the sword we can hurt and kill the enemy whenever we want to get in our way.

With it we can defend ourselves and light the way we travel, sure that it is powerful and that, if we know how to use it, we will get the victory. 

To make proper use of the sword of the Spirit we must be filled with the word of God because the sword is activated when we speak his word. It is important to be able to use it effectively in every situation and when we make it effective in our lives.

Remember that the Bible is like a manual of life and for these words to have power we must do the things that are indicated there. 

All spiritual armor works through faith and is strengthened in the midst of prayer.

The more we read his word, the more faith we will have and we will be able to use the armor more effectively. Prayer is the key to everything, communion with the Holy Spirit will lead us to live according to the will of the heavenly father. 


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